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Liu Feng



刘锋先生自 2009 年开始,在不同尺度和规模上参与并部分主导了不同类型的设计项目,包含总体规划、城市设计、景观规划设计、建筑单体设计。




Since 2009, Mr. Liu Feng has participated in and partially led different types of design projects in different scales and scales, including master planning, urban design, landscape planning and design, and single building design.

From 2012 to 2014, Mr. Liu Feng studied at Delft University of technology in the Netherlands and obtained a master's degree in architecture.

Through the opportunity of studying and working in Holland, Liu Feng focuses on the concept of sustainable design.

In the project practice of different scales, through professional planning and design techniques and the overall cooperation of multiple technical teams, the implementation and promotion of sustainable design concept can be realized.

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