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Yin Xiaoyu






Yin Xiaoyu finished her  bachelor's degree in Tianjin urban construction university. After graduation, she has been engaged in architectural planning and design in many well-known design institutions in Tianjin and Beijing. Her project experience involves exhibition building, new retail space, plant renovation, office building, education building, urban renewal planning, coastal leisure and business district planning, etc., and has accumulated up to ten years of practical design experience.

Out of love for painting and architectural expression techniques, Yin Xiaoyu went to Italy from 2016 to 2020 to study illustration art and architectural design. It is intended to integrate diversified and interdisciplinary information and knowledge into its own design, so as to achieve a more profound expression of the internal space and external form of the building.

She believes that "seeking flowing romance with technology and materials in the limited reality" is a personal pursuit of architectural design practice.

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